The holidays are quickly approaching and the season of comfort food is here. At GE we couldn’t be more excited about eating turkey and drinking eggnog! Of course when the holidays come around, so do the holiday parties in Atlanta and other areas of Georgia. As an Atlanta catering company we have the pleasure of working at all kinds of fun holiday themed events, especially corporate parties. What can you expect out of the holiday party at your company this year? We’ve listed a few trends to look for.

Food Focus – Holiday parties of the past are well known for having particularly bad food – the kind that you get at a one-size-fits-all kind of buffet. Guests are demanding that their food be better than this, due in part to the abundance of food education that consumers can find on TV these days. Expect food to only get better at your next corporate party.

Serving Style – Stations where large chunks of meat rest under heat lamps, ready to be carved by a lethargic “chef” are quickly finding their way out of corporate holiday events. Corporate employees have to deal with this kind of fare during the year at business conferences, and prefer something a bit more exciting at the end of the year. Rather than seeing sushi bars with tasteless California rolls, employees and guests will see a larger emphasis on smaller portions or artesian foods, interactive food stations and unique plating.

Seating – The corporate holiday party is meant to be a fun event where co-workers can cut loose a little bit. That’s why we’re not seeing too many cookie-cutter seating arrangements like round tables at these kinds of parties. Guests prefer a more free-flowing kind of setup. This allows folks the opportunity to mix and mingle more freely.

Originality and creativity sets us apart from competitors, but we know that dependable delivery of expectations is equally important. From design and décor to food and service you can rely on GE. When it’s time to mark that extra special occasion with the kind of party that your guests will remember for years to come, call the experienced Atlanta event planning team at Glorious Events.  Our clients know that we attend to every detail, no matter how minute, allowing them to be guests at their own event.

If your business or company is throwing a holiday-themed event this year, but want something more out of your party, choose corporate catering by Glorious Events. We will consult with you on every aspect of your corporate party, from the minute details to the bigger picture. Give us a call to start working on a menu that will warm you up and wow your guests. GE is simply brilliant!

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