You’ve got the ring, you may have set the date, but the perfect venue? Where do you begin? Picking the venue can be challenging because it tends to set the tone that you and your partner envision for the wedding. Want a sleek, modern wedding? A farmhouse may not necessarily be your best option, but Mason Murer or Westside Culitural Arts Center could be great options! Seeking a classy, elegant wedding? The Venetian Room would be amazing. Here are some questions you should consider during your quest for the perfect wedding venue:

  1. Parameters: Is the venue in an accessible location or area?
  2. Accessibility: Are there enough parking spaces? If not, are there other transportation options for your guests?
  3. Space: How many guests do you plan on inviting? Is the venue large enough to accommodate all of your guests?
  4. Logistics: Do you plan on having the venue sectioned off for dancing, eating, and drinking? If so, will the guests be able to float freely from section to section?
  5. Sound: How are the acoustics? Is the echo too much for a live band or DJ?
  6. Lighting: Does the lighting set the mood you’re going for? Is it too sunny for an evening wedding? Is it too dark for an afternoon affair?
  7. Design: Does the venue come with big crystal chandeliers or any design elements that really stick out (i.e. brightly colored walls)? If so, do these elements fit into the wedding you and your fiance envision?
  8. Photography: The photos of your wedding will be cherished for generations to come. Does the venue offer the backdrop you imagine for your wedding photos?

Of course, there are a lot of other questions that you and your fiancé need to think about. An event catering company like GE can definitely help you design your dream wedding!

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